Monday, May 30, 2011


Next door neighbors are having a tag sale. I see this as a great opportunity to give Bea exercise and socialization, so we take the walker and head on over. Mom notices a large stuffed ape wearing ski googles, hat and scarf. And it's in the FREE box. (Aren't we lucky?!) She picks it up and hugs it like it's a real child. They've bonded. Janet tells her that she can have this "special albino ape" because Janet knows that Bea will take good care of her. Bea is more than delighted.

And so the ape rides on the walker home. After I take the ski attire off, I give Mom scarves, and jewelry to dress the ape. ( I'm not quite sure what kind of an animal it is. It looks like a white ape, but with a long tail.) Now the ape has a red scarf and red flower on it's head. A sliver necklace accents the red dress.

"How old is this baby?"

"I'd say about 2 months. It's still very young."

"But why does this baby have this big nose? I don't think I like that."

"That will change as the baby grows."

"I think she looks so cute in this red scarf and flower in her hair, don't you?'

I got so enthusiastic about her enthusiasm I brought out some earrings.
"How about these earrings? These would be cute."

"Earrings! I don't think so. No, no, no. I can't put earrings on a BABY! That would be disgusting. And people would think I'm nuts."

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