Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Friday, 11 am. Glennis who is drying her hair calls, "Lynn, Lynn, you'd better come here..."

Bea is slumped to one side of chair, eyes wide open, mouth open, drool dripping, ashen grey, cold, ice cold. Her lips now purple.
I could hardly feel her breath. Her heart is racing. My heart is racing. Called 911. Grabbed envelope from refrig door containing info for ER -insurance info, pic ID, and current med list. Pushed all furniture away from pathway from door to her room. Waiting...waiting...seems like an eternity. Finally 3 men arrive, take vitals, wrap her in blanket and put her on stretcher.The tell me her heart is racing... My heart is now racing faster..
They put stretcher in ambulance. One EM tech asks her if she knows where she is.

She sings,"Heaven, I'm in heaven....."
"Good, I made you laugh, now where's my candy?"

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