Monday, February 28, 2011

Still fiesty

Well, Bea has had a remarkable recovery after her weekend in the hospital. A decrease in meds has left her about 10 years younger.Why she actually called me Lynn the other day. The first time in over a year. It's amazing.

Today we were driving by the frozen pond. I mentioned that men were ice fishing there yesterday,
Her response,"So What! That's not my thing. And I would never NEVER want to live in one of those houses.
I have CHILDREN and they could fall in...."

Shee xpresses her fear of living close to the water every time we pass a pond, lake or shore. I grew up only a few blocks from Long Island Sound and we spent days at the beach. i never remember this fear when I was little. "What are you talking about? You would send me to swim at the beach alone when I was only8 years old. You would tell me not to go beyond the top of my bathing suit"

A long pause and then she says, "Well, you're still alive aren't you?"

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